The Law Office of Eric A. Waraftig, P.A., conducts itself a boutique law firm dedicated to providing full-service law firm attention and quality. At the present time, the Law Office of Eric A. Waraftig, P.A. now focuses on matters related to the entertainment industry and associated businesses; including public relations, event activities, product alignment and integration, and licensing and branding opportunities.

Mr. Waraftig has provided both civil and criminal legal services. By offering a wide range of legal services, Mr. Waraftig is able to provide legal representation for individuals as well as business entities.

Criminal representation has included representation of felonies in both state and federal courts, misdemeanors, and traffic matters.

Civil litigation has included a varied range claims including personally injury, tort law, consumer's rights, civil rights, labor and employment, contract formation and claims, marital and family law, and real estate disputes.

Mr. Waraftig has also represented multinational corporations and foreign companies in both civil litigation and transactional matters.

Mr. Waraftig is licensed and experienced in all Florida state courts as well as the Federal District Court for the Southern District of Florida. He has also appeared and argued matters before the 3rd District Court of Appeals and the 4th District Court of Appeals for the State of Florida.

As a dedicated trial attorney, Mr. Waraftig possesses the essential trial skills and tactics necessary to achieve the best possible results for his clients. Mr. Waraftig provides constant communication with his clients and has a proven record of achieving outstanding results for clients in many types of matters.

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